About Us

The Company

With more than 30 years combined experience, Plexus Fire & Security has grown into one of the UK’s leading specialist companies in the Fire & Security industry. We provide a fully nation-wide, personal service and installation capability.

What We Do

Plexus Fire & Security offer a fully integrated package to our customers, with our areas of expertise including consultancy, system design, application engineering, drawings, schematics, specifications, service, maintenance, lifecycle costs and budget planning. We work closely with all clients to provide Fire & Security solutions that are as individual as each company. We invest heavily in the quality of our staff, and are therefore able to provide an excellence of service that is uncommon in the industry.

The Management

R___ _____

R___ _____ is co-founder and manages all aspects of our operation. R___ has a background at every step in the fire and security industry, he has been instrumental in the development and success...
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M_____ _______

M_____ is co- founder. Originally with a background in Engineering, he had the passion to build a successful Integrated Fire & Security Systems business. Away from...
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C___ ______

C___ ______ is co- founder and has been with the company for 15 years, following a successful career in CCTV & Access systems engineer his potential was identified and he was fast tracked to senior commissioing engineer and now technical manager
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_____ ______

____ _____ has been employed at Plexus Fire & Security for over 17 years and is directly responsible for the day to day running of the service ...
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